Friday, 26 September 2014

Internet Afloat

Things I do to get Ate-a-Cake on line!!!

An Interesting Situation

The End of the Season

At the end of the Season equipment is starting to get tired and a bit leaky, not worth fixing this season plenty of time to do it during the winter, (but inside you know it will all be left to the last minuet in the spring with a lot of searing and pulling out of hair)
All that crap that has found it's way on board has to be taken home. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Just be warned the little darlings were listening to you during the sailing holiday!!!

Introduction to Ate-a-cake

I have been sailing around the English Coast for a number of years and during travels I have seen other yachtsmen and women getting themselves in all kind of tricky and embarrassing situations just by their lack of knowledge of sailing protocol. A lot of the occurrences were noted in the log, (some of which were caused by us!)

All the boating courses and qualifications provided are all very good and I highly recommend them, but they seem to miss out on the etiquette of yachting. This got me thinking, writing and drawing. Slowly this guide started to emerge.