Monday, 29 December 2014

Clothing Snobs

Extract from Yacht Ate-a-Cake.

The couple in the boat rushing towards the anchorage are wearing matching brand new high-tech water proofs, gloves and life-jackets. Together they come forward to sort out the state-of-the-art anchor, and then they both go back to the cockpit to motor into position, back to the bow together to deploy the anchor then finally both back in the cockpit to reverse the engine to try to dig the hook into the sea bed. They stand side by side for five minutes and decide they are dragging and move forward as a pair again to the bow to retrieve the chain. Back to square one and the whole operation is repeated five or six times hand in hand. Finally they give up and motor back to their marina berth to tell friends of the wonderful day’s sailing they have had. They were probably newly-weds who have just taken up their new hobby together.

Next in complete contrast another boat arrives by sailing into the anchorage. A chap walks forward in an old shirt, the sails are dropped and then with a slippered foot kicks the old anchor over the bow roller, a small cloud of rust rushes out from the chain as it races into the depths. A lady appears in the cockpit and jams the engine in reverse to dig in. Then a quick look around, engine off and they disappear down below. Later you find out that someone managed to get them to spill the beans and admit that they have just completed a circumnavigation.

Don’t judge a sailor by his slippers.

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